Organizing a great event is hard work. There are lots of details: booking the space, finding speakers, winning sponsorships, and, most important of all – getting people to come!

There are companies whose whole business purpose is to organize great events, after all. Companies whose mission it is to get interesting people in the same room and watch the sparks fly. Companies like…3-Beards!

What does email marketing have to do with event planning? Well, it can actually be a really useful tool!

Email’s power is as a means of effective and fast information sharing. Here’s the best information to share, and how you should be sharing it.

Providing the Basics via Newsletters

This is a no brainer, and you’re probably doing it already. But one thing to keep in mind: make sure that your event’s information is sent to all participants more than once.

Who’s speaking at the event?

What is happening there?

Where is it taking place?

When is it taking place, and how long does it last?

Don’t expect your guests to remember your event without reminders. They’ve probably got lots going on, and busy schedules can distract us all from an event a few weeks in advance.

Make sure to send at least a couple of reminder newsletters with the most basic info at regular intervals!

Using email marketing to say Why

You’ve got the who, what, where, and when covered. But now the harder one: why?

Why should guests be super excited about your event? Why should they take the time to visit? Why is your event the best, most amazing event that’s ever been planned?

You know this already, but sometimes it can take a little bit of convincing for your contact list. Beyond the details of the event itself, here are some ideas of how to use newsletters to boost attendance:

 Send out exclusive discount offers or freebies to newsletter users. For example, the first 10 people to click on a link will receive a free drink.

 The first 15 people to share the event’s webpage on social media receive a free t-shirt.

 You could also encourage people to enter into a drawing or raffle of some kind with cool prizes. The winners would only be announced and prizes distributed at the event.

 Share interesting material about the speakers or your event’s topics. Videos, lectures, Ebooks. Anything to get them excited!

The exact format and type of the incentives depends a lot on the type of event and guests. Have fun, and be creative!

Email marketing can be a useful tool in your event planning. Having trouble deciding which software to try? I’ve heard that Newsletter2Go is pretty good….no downloads necessary!

Good luck, and happy emailing!"