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Silicon Drinkabout Dublin

Silicon Drinkabout Dublin (@drinkaboutdub) is a weekly meet-up for startups (including techies, designers and business folk) to meet like-minded people, have some fun and relax at the end of the working week.

Come on down and say hello!

Uh oh! It looks like this week's event hasn't been added to the page yet. Feel free to tweet to the organisers so they can do this as soon as possible!

Tweet to @DrinkaboutDUB

Local organisers:

  • Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphy

    Product Manager, FCR Media

    Lovin' Startups

  • Cian O'C

    Cian O'C

    Matching disruptive tech with new markets and funding.

  • Ross McKinley

    Ross McKinley

    Software Engineer

    Citizen of Earth | Developer | In perpetual mutual with Music, CraftBeer, and Cooking | Consumed by Wanderlust | Software is my realm

  • Sinead Coyle

    Sinead Coyle

    Software Developer

    Software developer with an interest in the exciting work of Dublin start ups. Loves the (Dublin) Life, the (Programming) Universe and Everything.

  • Vesselina Tasheva

    Vesselina Tasheva

    Marketing and Communications Lead, HealthXL

    I play with serendipity for a living.

  • Conor Delahunty

    Conor Delahunty

    Software Engineer, IBM

    Semi-profesh startup savant/spoof.