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Silicon Drinkabout

Silicon Drinkabout is a global regular after work drinks evening for startups every Friday! Run by 3beards (and originally founded by Mind Candy), Silicon Drinkabout is open to startups of all sizes as a place to meet like-minded people, have some fun and relax after another busy week.


Local organisers:

  • Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphy

    Product Manager, FCR Media

    Lovin' Startups

  • Cian O'C

    Cian O'C

    Matching disruptive tech with new markets and funding.

  • Ross McKinley

    Ross McKinley

    Software Engineer

    Citizen of Earth | Developer | In perpetual mutual with Music, CraftBeer, and Cooking | Consumed by Wanderlust | Software is my realm

  • Default avatar 3beards

Press from our previous events: