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Chew The Fat

Getting to the meat of the matter. 'Chew The Fat' is a series of conversations with high profile entrepreneurs, founders, VC's and generally epic people, designed to stimulate, motivate and inspire!


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Friday 16th January, 7pm - 10:30pm

PwC, 7 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RT

Guy Kawasaki is a name synonymous with the digital age. With an impressive list of companies under his belt, Apple and Google to name but two, he's a prolific author with twelve books to his name, has a huge social media following, a collection of investments and his own companies too. Guy can be described as a true digital native and with a smile as infectious as a cold on the circle line, he's guaranteed to bring Chew The Fat into 2015 with a bang!

As always, he'll be joined by the weird beard that is our own Benjamin Southworth, who has promised to read all the books (yeah, right, cliff notes anyone?) and will be posing his usual chaotic blend of fascination, curiosity, gentle skepticism and bonhomie. There will of course be a few drinks and snacks included AND you'll get a copy of Guy's new book "The Art of Social Media".

As well as discussing his new book, we'll be the asking the tricky questions, as always, such as:

  • What was Steve Jobs really like? (We may turn the cameras off for this one!)
  • How has technology changed during your own career and where do you think it's heading?
  • What role does evangelism play in building loyal users?
  • How can we learn to sell without seeming like a photocopier salesperson?

The ticket includes a copy of Guy's new book, 'The Art of Social Media', so you’ll have the knowledge to take away too! Drinks and snacks are also included!

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Chew The Fat first ran in October 2013 we’re pleased to say that you guys loved it! We’re going to be running Chew The Fat as and when we line epic people up for the event! In the meantime, you can see the previous events here!