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Chew The Fat

Getting to the meat of the matter. 'Chew The Fat' is a series of conversations with high profile entrepreneurs, founders, VC's and generally epic people, designed to stimulate, motivate and inspire!

Nir Eyal is an entrepreneur, author, Stanford lecturer and angel investor and will be in conversation with Ben Southworth, discussing the psychology of tech products and their habit forming tendencies! Find out what makes the modern human check their phone 50+ times a day, how to build products people love and practical insights to create user habits that stick!

The ticket includes a copy of Nir's new book, 'Hooked', so you’ll have the knowledge to take away too! Drinks and snacks are also included!


Next event

Wednesday 12th November
7pm - 10:30pm

Bold Rocket, 77-79 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3HU

We're looking for a sponsor for this event! We will take your money and with it buy dinner for everyone in attendance! Plus you'll get all our usual social media, email and on site branding love! Please get in touch!

Chew The Fat first ran in October 2013 we’re pleased to say that you guys loved it! We’re going to be running Chew The Fat as and when we line epic people up for the event! In the meantime, you can see the previous events here!

Press from our previous events: