Following in the footsteps of fellow 3beards founders Ben and Bryce, Joe and Mike are stepping down from full time 3beards service at the end of the year. Why!? Because they won’t grow the business at the expense of the community!

This year has been AWESOME for 3beards! We’ve worked with the likes of Aviva, Unilever, Air New Zealand, Soho House and Hasbro to name but a few! These events have been a huge amount of fun (just saying!) and created a lot of opportunities for startups, as well as helping keep the company going. Whilst playing in the big league seems pretty cool it’s taken our time away from our original focus of growing and helping the community, roots up, and we need to get back to that!

Baby Beards make Badass Bosses

So rather than sell out by pivoting into a hackathon and innovation agency, we’re excited to say the baby beards, Kevin & Vicky, are stepping up! By passing on the torch not only can 3beards get back to its roots but it can also train, develop and foster the careers of two exceptionally bright, talented, beautiful humans who have been critical to the success of 3beards. Our company was built on friendship, and we can’t think of anyone better than Kevin & Vicky to take us forward into 2015!

Big changes on the inside, no change on the outside!

Although this feels like a big change for us, in essence things won’t be much different! Mike and Joe will still be involved in various ways including sitting on the beardy advisory board to help guide the company when required. Silicon Drinkabout and Don’t Pitch Me Bro! will continue in exactly the same fashion with Chew The Fat popping up when we meet exciting people who want to share their wisdom. And the legendary Digital Sizzle… well just watch this space! The Stache newsletter will continue to deliver beardy wonders to your inbox every week and the job board will certainly still exist with any changes being made only for the better!

Future beard!

So what does 2015 look like for 3beards? Younger, more beautiful and a little less hairy! As already mentioned the focus is coming back to the community - in London, in the UK and in the rest of the world! We’ll strengthen the Silicon Drinkabout community by putting more cities on the map and encourage links between them. We LOVE that more and more we are seeing entrepreneurs travelling from one Drinkabout city to another and being welcomed with open arms! Drinkabout is like the twitter for actually meeting people yeah? ;)

In September we launched our new website, bringing all our events under one roof! Some things have worked beautifully but we are aware other areas need improvement so we’re working on this right now. We have some exciting plans to make the jobs board more beautiful and badass - we’ll keep you posted!

It’s all very exciting and we’ll be gradually handing over between now and the New Year. Joe and Mike aren’t going anywhere until 2015 so please come along to our events, say hi and feel free to let us know what you think! You can also get in touch on [email protected] or tweet us at @3_Beards.

Your Questions Answered

What's next for Mike and Joe?

Mike is going to be going back to his roots and taking on more freelance design work, carrying on from the recent Mind Candy website and of course the new 3beards website! Drop him a line through his website if you need an awesome new website, logo, app, illustration or printwork.

Joe's going to be doing a bunch of different things over the next few months, including being Mentor in Residence for Startup Institute (part time) and anything else that makes him smile! You can reach him here if you’d like to get in touch.

Will 3beards be involved with any hackathon events in the future?

We've learnt a lot about hackathons over the last few years and have been part of some great events. It'd be a shame to not use that experience, so we may on occasion still do hackathons that we like the look of. These will probably be run by Joe, Mike, Ben and Vicky and Kevin, provided it doesn't take the place of the community events!

What did Kevin and Vicky do before they started 3beards – what’s their story?

Vicky conveniently just wrote a blog post on this! What are the chances ey?! Since first donning the Silicon Drinkabout t-shirt on Valentines day this year her love of all things beardy has certainly continued to grow better than her facial hair! She’s super excited to be taking 3beards into 2015 and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Kevin studied Digital Media and English at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France before he moved to London in 2011. After a couple of years working as a Web Developer and Project Manager for a Soho based design agency, he joined 3beards in June 2013 and became the first employee of the company. Diving head first into the London tech startup scene made him realise how vibrant and strong the community is. It has been an amazing beardy journey so far, and Kevin is extremely excited to be given the opportunity to carry on the 3beards legacy and shape the future of the company!