When we launched Unicorn Hunt in Jan 15 the thing we were most excited about was the Choose Your Own Discount feature.

3beards have always aimed to support startups and we're able to do this by working with bigger companies who can sponsor events where the whole community comes together and everyone can benefit. A Robin Hood approach if you will, but with less theft!

Chose Your Own Discount is our job board version of that but it doesn't just focus on two ends of the spectrum (corporates vs startups). It enables everyone to pay what they can, to contribute what they feel a Unicorn Hunt job post is worth to them.

This really puts the onus on you! So if you're spiralling into a vortex of confusion here is a beardy rough guide of what we think

100% discount = £0

You woke up last night with the most genius idea you've ever had! You are looking for a co-founder to whom you're unlikely to pay a salary but you will give love, hugs and probably 50% equity. You may choose to pay us a tenner – after all you would have spent more than that on the free beers we gave you at our last sponsored Silicon Drinkabout!

95% - 75% discount = £10 - £50

You're a small startup. Budgets are still pretty tight but you're at the point of hiring so contributing a small amount towards the process – of which UH is a part – seems like the right thing to do. You are so right! You understand the importance of supporting other small companies like yourself which means you are awesome and will go far!

75% - 50% discount = £50 - £100

Your maturing through your startup phase. You now have a team, maybe 8+ people. The business is there and you need more people so that you can deliver, smash it out the park and keep growing. Go team! If everyone using Unicorn Hunt paid somewhere in this bracket we could grow our team – like crowdfunding, kinda :)

50% - 25% discount = £100 - £150

You have teams of people... Like the marketing department isn't just one person who also covers biz dev, social media and events. Adding new people is important and you know exactly where they will fit. You're paying them £30-£40k so paying £150 for a job post to help you find that magical, perfect person isn't just the right thing to do, it's an investment!

25% - 0% = £150-£200

You're a big company. How do we define that? No idea. Unless of course you are actually a Unicorn (companies valued at more than $1bn) in which case of course you'll support the very ecosystem that helped you grow. Or perhaps you went it alone and wish that there had been a job board making your life easier by being flexible on price. Or you're a company our parents have heard of in which you should definitely pay. No arguments.

Hope that helps!

One more thing – featured jobs don’t fall under the remit of the chose your own discount. These really are the creme de la creme! Not only are you highlighted in a beautifully bold, eye catching rainbow colour on the job feed but you’ll be featured in the 3beards main newsletter, The Stache (as well as the regular jobs newsletter) which goes out to 13,000 subscribers plus we’ll throw in extra tweets with lots of fun emojis. People can’t get enough of emojis!

Of course if you’re looking to post lots of jobs you should get in touch and we’ll sort you out with a beardy bundle!